Dual View X-ray Baggage Scanner for Transportation System

100100D Dual View X-ray Machine is intended for airport, railway systems, military base, government facilities, commercial facilities etc.



 High Definition Image

Dynamic Processing

Intelligent Alarm


 Shutdown With One Key

Switchable 4/7 Color Imaging

Top-ranking Multi-energy Imaging

 Meticulous Material Discrimination

 Bidirectional Full Tunnel Scanning

 Explosive and Narcotics Detection

Key Parameters

Model Number:   MCD-100100D

Tunnel Size Conveyor:   650 mm (Width) * 500 mm (Height))

Conveyor Speed:   0.22/ sec

Conveyor Max Load:   200 kg (Evenly distributed)

Conveyor height:   350 mm or 630 mm

Wire Resolution:   32AWGΦ0.202mm solid copper wire

Pass resolution:   Typical AWG43

Spatial Resolution:   Level: dia 1.0 mm

  Vertical: dia 1.0 mm

Penetration Through Steel Plate:   43mm

Dose per Inspection:   Less than 2.0 uGy/h

Film Safety:   Guaranteed ISO 1600 Film

X-ray Leakage:   Less than 1 uGy/h at 5cm from frame house

X-ray Sensor:  L-shaped photo diode array (mono energetic), 16bit depth

Monitor:  High resolution color, LCD compatible, 19inch(can be customize)

Image Processing:  Edge enhancement, image enhancement, image lighting, reduction of darkening, image reversion, image rewind.

Image Grayness Level:  4096

Objects distinguish:  Organic in orange

                                  :  Inornanic in blue

                                   :  Mixture in green

High-energy/low energy:  Switch from high energy to low energy

Image Maximum Resolution:  1440*900 pixels (can be customize)

Image Processing:  24bit real time processing in real time

Image Storage:  500,000 images in real time

Generator Direction:   Upward and sideward

Generator Angle:   80 degrees downward

Anode Voltage:   140 KV

Anode Power:   0.3 mA

Sensor quantity:   2 Generator

Cooling:   Oil cooling 100%

Operating Environment / Humidity:  0 to 45 Degree C / 20 – 95% (non-condensing)

Storage Temperature  / Humidity:  -20 to 60 Degree C / 20 ~ 95% (non-condensing)

Operating Power:  220VAC (± 10%)  50 ± 3Hz

Power Consumption:  1.0 KW (max), 0.3KW (working)

System Noise:  <55 dB

Unit Net Weight:   1130 Kgs

Unit Gross Weight:   1220 KG

Wooden size:   260*140*215cm (X-ray baggage scanner machine body)

:   127*134*75 cm (operation desk)                 

 Camera video system,TIP Threat Image Projection,X-Auto sight(Threat self identification assistant function) etc.

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