Medium Parcel X Ray Machine For Anti-Terrorist

8065C is a good assistant to anti terrorist tools  Medium Parcel X Ray Machine,  widely used in shopping centers, hotel and congress centers, public institutions and organizations, plaza and business centers, hospitals and educational institutions.

Mainly used to detect Cutting and driller objects made of metal, especially guns, knives, liquid and solid explosives, by scanning inside of all cargos such as bags, luggage, bags and so on.


Twin-channel Detection System

High Definition Image

Dynamic Processing

Image Management

Intelligent Alarm

Green Lead Curtain


Shutdown With One Key

Ethernet Interface(RJ45)

Intelligent Roller

Threat Image Protection


Key Parameters

Model Number:   MCD-8065C

Tunnel Size Conveyor:   800 mm (Width) * 650 mm (Height))

Conveyor Speed:   0.22/ sec

Conveyor Max Load:   200 kg (Evenly distributed)

Conveyor height:   350 mm or 630 mm

Wire Resolution:   Typical 40 AWG

Pass resolution:   Typical AWG34

Spatial Resolution:   Level: dia 1.0 mm

                                    Vertical: dia 1.0 mm

Penetration Through Steel Plate:   34 mm

Dose per Inspection:   Less than 1.5 uGy/h

Film Safety:   Guaranteed ISO 1600 Film

X-ray Leakage:   Less than 1 uGy/h at 5cm from frame house

X-ray Sensor:   L-shaped photo diode array (multi-energetic), 16bit depth

Monitor:   High resolution color, LCD compatible, 19inch(can be customize)

Image Processing:   Edge enhancement, image enhancement, image lighting, reduction of darkening, image reversion, image rewind.

Image Grayness Level:   4096

Image Maximum Resolution:   1440*900 pixels (can be customize)

Image Processing:   24bit real time processing in real time

Image Storage:   500,000 images in real time

Zone & Zoom:   1-9 image zones, enlargement of 2, 4, 8, 16 times, fully screen continuous observation.

Objects distinguish:   Organic in orange/Inornanic in blue/Mixture in green

Network Interface:   Can be connected to a local area network, multiple terminals can check baggage at the same time

Generator Direction:   From top to bottom

Generator Angle:   80 degrees downward

Anode Voltage:   140 KV

Anode Power:   0.3 mA

Sensor quantity:   Multi-energy

Cooling:   Oil cooling 100%

Operating Environment / Humidity:   0 to 45 Degree C / 20 – 95% (non-condensing)

Storage Temperature  / Humidity:   -20 to 60 Degree C / 20 ~ 95% (non-condensing)

Operating Power:   220VAC (± 10%)  50 ± 3Hz

Power Consumption:   1.0 KW (max), 0.3KW (working)

System Noise:   <55 dB

Unit Net Weight:   550 Kgs

Unit Gross Weight:   650 KG

Wooden size:   200*120*175cm (X-ray baggage scanner machine body)

                          130*80*75 cm (operation desk)

Total CBM:   5 CBM


Shutdown With One Key, Fault diagnosis, system time setting, detection blind dots delete, X-ray source setting (analoge or digital ), alarm setting, image setting, software register, user management, date setting (machine working time , X-ray source working time, baggage counter etc.)

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