Single View Baggage X Ray Machine |Bidirectional Full Tunnel Scanning

10080A is a single view baggage x ray machine designed for logistics company, airport x-ray security checking for luggage, and hotel baggage security inspection in the lobby,Olympics, Expo,summit ,metro and railways etc.

It assist to Detect drug and explosive powder


Twin-channel Detection System

Twin-channel data acquisition and transmission technology to process and display the images from different angle scanning synchronically.

High Definition Image

Adopt new generation of HD schema design, providing clear images and stable performance.

Dynamic Processing

Real-time display, optimization functions like edge enhancement, amplification and so on.

Image Management

Built-in image management system, which enables users to browse saved images quickly.

Intelligent Alarm

User can set the alarm threshold, and realize acousto-optic alarming prompt when the impermeable items are detected.

Green Lead Curtain

Wear-resistant, pollution-free, long service life.


Automatically prompt when failure is detected, and be convenient to maintain.

Shutdown With One Key

When you try to turn off the equipment, just rotate the key, which is convenient and simple.

Network Interface

Use standard Ethernet port to transmit images with rapid processing and great anti-interference performance.

Intelligent Roller

Roller will automatically rotate when there is luggage on the conveyor belt, otherwise, the roller will stop rotating making this product environmental-friendly and energy-saving.

Threat Image Protection

TIP is fully configurable by high level users, where parameters such as type of threats, frequency of projection etc. can be configured.

Key Parameters

Model number:   MCD-10080

Tunnel Size Conveyor:   1000 mm (Width) * 800 mm (Height))

Conveyor Speed:   0.22/ sec

Conveyor height:   300 mm

Conveyor Max Load:   250 kg (Evenly distributed)

Single inspection dosage:   < 1.0µsv

Penetration Through Steel Plate:   14 mm

Maximum leakage radiation:   Less than 1.0 uGy/h

Film Safety:   Guaranteed ISO 1600 Film

X-ray Leakage:   Less than 1 uGy/h at 5cm from frame house


X-ray Sensor:   L-shaped photo diode array (mono energetic), 16bit depth

Monitor:   High resolution color, LCD compatible, 19inch

Image Processing:   Edge enhancement, image enhancement, image lighting, reduction of darkening, image reversion, image rewind.

Image Grayness Level:   4096

Image Maximum Resolution:   1024*768 pixels

Image Processing:   24bit real time processing in real time

Image Storage:   200,000 images in real time

Zone & Zoom:   1-9 image zones, enlargement of 2, 4, 8, 16 times, fully screen continuous observation.


Generator Direction:   From top to bottom

Generator Angle:   80 degrees downward

Anode Voltage:   80KV

Anode Power:   0.6 mA

X-ray Sensor:   single generator

Cooling/Duty Cycle:   0%-90% (non-condensing)


Operating Environment / Humidity:   0 to 45 Degree C / 20 – 95% (non-condensing)

Storage Temperature  / Humidity:   -20 to 60 Degree C / 20 ~ 95% (non-condensing)

Operating Power:   220VAC (± 10%)  50 ± 3Hz

Power Consumption:   1.0 KW (max), 0.3KW (working)

System Noise:   <55 dB


Unit Net Weight:   900 Kgs

Unit Gross Weight:   700 Kgs

Wooden size:   261*140*190 cm (10080 X ray machine)

:   133*127*75 cm (dual screening operation desk)


Date & Time Display, Luggage Counting, System Working Timing, X-Ray Emission,Working Status Display, User Management, Fault Self-diagnosis and Maintenance Functions, Alarm Function, Urgent Stop, Limits of Authority Management for Operator,Self-check Power-On, Image Magnification Display, Save and Retrieval, Image Navigation,Bi-directional Scanning, Image Recognition Training, Network Interface,Browse, One Key to Shutdown, Save As, Plication.

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